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"We had tried couples therapy in the past... this program WORKS!

We had tried couples therapy in the past which only resulted into sessions of blaming each other without feeling like we were getting anywhere. We stopped couples therapy but the problems just festered until I discovered the infidelity. I bought multiple books (ways to leave and ways to stay) but still felt lost.

I stumbled onto Idit's podcast and started listening to as many episodes as I could to help me get through my painful thoughts and feelings in order to start thinking about the best way to approach the infidelity. We had a call with Idit to see if the program would be a good fit and jumped on board.

I have to stay this program WORKS! Every single aspect of the hurt person's feelings, thoughts and questions are covered. And it teaches the betrayer how to help the hurt partner and how to talk about EVERYTHING! This is SUCH an important part of the process! By getting through these steps we were able to focus on what was missing in our relationship and learn steps on how to communicate better in arguments, how to turn towards each other instead of away, and how to regularly make our relationship a priority.

We have not felt this close in years! I am so grateful to Idit's program, she saved our relationship!! I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone going through infidelity and even couples who haven't yet experienced infidelity would benefit from the couples relationship building."

- christy & robert

"Prior to starting this program, the infidelity experienced was pretty shocking

and there was definitely the feeling of the floor caving in below our relationship. From recognizing that we needed to work through some things, we knew we needed help but didn’t know where to go. Fortunately we were able to come across Idit through an online search and looked into her IOTS program. From the very first consult call, she helped create a sense of optimism that we both felt, that enabled us to move forward and have the belief we can work through this. The program modules and lessons not only helped us tackle the infidelity, but shine light on areas of our relationship that needed to be reborn/rebuilt, and really allowed us to chart a new path forward. We can quite honestly say that without this program, I don’t know if we would have been able to make it over the immediate days after the infidelity, but now have a foundation that we believe will set us up for our lifetime together!

amy & ryan | 2022

"I would definitely recommend the program and feel it was especially effective

for us 6 months after the reveal of the infidelity. We reached a point where we realized we couldn't do it on our own, recognized we each had a desire to continue the relationship, and were in a place emotionally where we could reasonably communicate throughout the program. The program provided many tools that are now incorporated into our daily lives and relationship. With these tools, we could more effectively progress through the enumerable challenges and considerable pain that infidelity caused in our relationship.

Anthony & Jasmine | 2022

"I'd give this program a 10 out of 10 for many reasons.

First, because it is a very well organized program. I loved that we had a map and we were well guided through the process. Second, because our coaching sessions with Idit were nothing less than amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone going through the aftermath of infidelity. I can also see myself going back and revisiting the videos and tools provided.

james & stacey | 2022

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"Prior to starting the program we felt lost, scared and very confused.

We had been seeing individual therapists as well as a couples therapist. Mind you neither one of us had ever seen a therapist before, but this was a life shattering event in our lives. It was not until we heard a podcast of Idit Sharoni's that knew immediately that was where we needed to be. We are so grateful that we chose this program, and that we chose to work with Idit! Idit has so much knowledge when it comes to dealing with such a complex situation. We would most likely not have survived as a couple if it hadn't been for that AMAZING program. We highly recommend it to ALL couples wanting to stay together.
We are so grateful to Idit!!! Words cannot express our gratitude!!!

Laura & Ben | 2022

“This coaching program gave us the tools we needed to dig ourselves out and not create damage in the process.”

- rachel & jeff

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best  decision you can make.”

- melissa

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"This program, along with the podcasts, really helped my husband and I move along

the healing path without as many "stalls" or "set backs." We communicate in a much different way. For the first time, in maybe our 16 year marriage, we finally hear each other. The affair was devastating and life altering. For months we struggled to move through the devastation. This course gave us the tools we needed to dig ourselves out and not create damage in the process. Before this course we would discuss the affair and our issues and I would walk away with MORE trauma. Now our conversations provide healing and comfort and have completely changed the path I believe we were on. I was looking for a pathway out of the pain. I wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do to feel better and this course, along with the roadmap, videos and coaching calls, did that. Thank you Yael and Idit.

rachel & jeff | 2021

"Shattered only begins to describe how I felt after finding out about the affair.

Before starting Idit’s infidelity recovery program, I was spending my time crying, raging at my spouse, and trying to get any piece of advice to get me better. We came to Idit’s office broken beyond repair. I was ready to end it because I didn’t think I was able to move past the infidelity. Thankfully, our relationship was handled with the most respect and understanding. Slowly but surely, we learned to trust Idit and allow her to guide us through the roughest times in our lives. We reinvented our marriage and it has been better than ever before. I told Idit we have God to thank first and then her.

leanne & Max | 2019

"I never thought our marriage would require the help of therapist.

We never had serious problems, and hardly ever argued. When an issue caused lack of trust, communication, and overall marriage well-being… we turned to Idit. We were skeptical, at first, because we are very private people. From our first phone conversation, Idit made me feel comfortable; she understood exactly what was happening, and gave options that made me feel at ease. When we both began going to therapy sessions, Idit was unbiased in her questioning and helped us analyze our feelings, situation, and goals. She made us both feel that what we were feeling was important. She gave us several practical tools & guides that: A) helped us understand each other’s feelings, needs & desires better; B) helped build our communication & listening skills; C) helped us set measurable goals. My marriage has improved by far! Considering all of the suggestions & tools she provided us that helped us build a healthier marriage, proved to us that Idit is passionate about her work & is constantly trying to evolve in her field.

Alex & Lonnie | 2018

“ The program modules and lessons not only helped us tackle the infidelity, but shine light on areas of our relationship that needed to be reborn/rebuilt.”

- Amy & Ryan

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shannon & rob | 2019

"Five kids and 32 years later your program has given us a life line.

Five kids and 32 years later your program has given us a life line to have a relationship we always wanted but didn’t think was possible... I can assure you 100% without your course we would be divorced and repeating this pattern with someone else."
I can’t thank you enough!"

be hopeful!

Shasha & James | 2020

"Without your program I don't think we would have been able get through this.

It helped us to see that we both needed to be on the journey to forgiveness, and that it wasn't just up to me (Sasha) to forgive and move on. As soon as James realized his role in my healing, we made the first step and continued with the rest to full recovery."

Jamie & jason | 2019

"Idit made us feel very safe, comfortable and attended to every step of the way.

The support and sessions from her throughout the program truly was the reason we can say we are almost fully healed from the aftermath of the affair. We have created a stronger bond than we ever thought possible and are excited looking forward into this new chapter in our marriage."

DAniel & Michelle | 2019

"This program was a game-changer for us.

Despite our best efforts, we were stuck in a vicious cycle of confusion, anger, and pain after the affair. This program has helped us both move forward in a way we did not think possible.

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