We can help you save your relationship after infidelity.

We can help you save your relationship after infidelity.

Is it time that you start healing?

But before we go anywhere, we'd like to talk to you and your spouse. We want to learn your story, what you're dealing with, and what you need right now to heal. 
We'd like to schedule a 45-min in-depth consultation with you. Sounds good?

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It's time you finally heal your relationship after infidelity.

You don't have to do it alone.

Imagine being a happy, loving couple again. Imagine trusting and being trusted. Think how fulfilling life can be when your relationship feels safe and sound. When you can feel your partner's commitment to having your back. This is the ultimate goal of our infidelity recovery program, and we have the roadmap to take you there.

We have been doing this for a decade now. So, we've tested our method with hundreds of couples in the aftermath of infidelity. We won't tell you it's an easy path, but we definitely know how to help you heal.

“This coaching program gave us the tools we needed to dig ourselves out and not create damage in the process.”

- rachel & jeff

Here's What You Need:

a proven roadmap to healing

We have a roadmap. So, you don't have to guess your way towards healing and trust building. This roadmap is based on research and our decade of experience.

an expert to guide you

We are a team of experienced Licensed Marriage & Family therapists with specific specialization in affair recovery. Our job is to tailor the program to your specific needs, and guide you through every step of the way.

hope and willingness to heal

If hope comes and goes, we'll hold it for you when you need. But, we believe your willingness to heal and do what it takes makes all the difference.

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Not sure this is for you? Watch this first!

then make the first step!

it's okay to stay®️


A roadmap to infidelity recovery that takes you all the way from crisis to attaining a loving relationship based on trust.  

program breakdown:

Step One: Roadmap

goal: UNDERSTAND THE roadmap to healing

This step encompasses everything you need to know about recovering from an affair to best navigate the program with success. This includes fundamentals like what constitutes infidelity, what your potential to heal is and how to increase it, support system, talking to kids, and more.

+ weekly Q&A

coaching calls

*Our 1:1 coaching clients also get

Step Two: Rebalance

+ weekly Q&A

Goal: rebalance the crisis

In this step you’re going to rebalance the crisis by carefully following essential steps customized to your specific situation. We'll work alongside with you to ensure you make the right steps that will allow the crisis to subside. Some of the steps include discussing and implementing transparency, rebuilding trust, and expressing remorse depending on your specific need. 

coaching calls

*Our 1:1 coaching clients also get

Step Three: Reattach

+ weekly Q&A

goal: reconnect and learn why

In this step, you’re going to reconnect, heal emotional wounds, and get insight regarding the infidelity. You will learn tools to transform your communication. You'll become better listeners and speakers to each other. All with the help of research-based tools and exercises we teach and practice with you step by step.
Then you'll learn about the right questions to ask your partner in order to gain insight and understand the meaning and the motives of the betrayal. We will mentor both of you through asking and answering with honesty and compassion. 
You will also learn how to handle the trauma, intrusive thoughts, lows, and other symptoms you may be experiencing.

coaching calls

*Our 1:1 coaching clients also get

Step Four: Restart

+ weekly Q&A


In this step, you’re going to restart a new and improved relationship with your partner. This is when you get to close the affair recovery chapter and open a new one. We’ll walk you through creating and implementing new rules for your relationship. We will also address regaining intimacy that feels healthy and honors your boundaries if it will be needed. And lastly, we will help you include a plan to prevent relapse so you can enjoy your new infidelity free chapter of your relationship. 

coaching calls

*Our 1:1 coaching clients also get

3 bonuses TO enhance your healing


Get these valuable extras you need.

Stop Intrusive Thoughts: This training + 1:1 coaching will help partners experiencing repetitive, intrusive, and self-defeating thoughts, as well as flashbacks. Partners will work to overcome and reduce the intensity and number of the horrible thoughts, flashbacks, and dreams.

Take a Break Technique: A relaxation and Self Soothing Technique for Couples to Enhance Communication Skills. This mini-course will help you self-soothe when you're flooded in intense conversations. 

The Recourse Library: A fully loaded resource library with recommended books, videos, articles, websites, and other resources that I personally found most valuable for my clients and students. This is a select variety that I hand-picked for you so you don’t have to deal with the sea of irrelevant information out there.

one month

Continued Support

Continued one on one coaching with your expert to enhance and maintain your healing process. You will meet twice a month and connect through weekly Q&A's to make sure you reach your relationship goals. 

three month


on demand

The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?


regain trust, create healthy transparency, and offer remorse.


replace conflict avoidance with healing conversations that offer compassion & resolution.


get insight as to the meaning and motives of the affair. 


restart a loving, committed relationship that is based on trust & mutual respect.


reach genuine forgiveness that allows joy while honoring your experience.

How it works

FIRST consultation

We'll do an in-depth interview to make sure this is the perfect fit to help heal your relationship. 

THEN enrollment

If it's the right fit and we have an open seat, we'll make you an offer to join and get started right away. 

THEN walkthrough

Once you enroll we'll schedule a quick program walkthrough to show you around and schedule our 1st coaching call. 

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A clear Roadmap to healing Vs. chaotic "venting sessions"

We believe in guiding couples through a tried and proven 3-phase healing roadmap. Our therapists skillfully tailor the roadmap steps to the couple's specific needs to achieve maximum success.

our experts are all experienced licensed therapists

Our experts are all licensed marriage and family therapists with 10+ years of experience in couples therapy and affair recovery. All experts are trained in the Gottman Method. No life/relationship coaches. No generalists. No inexperienced therapists.

A unique Approach to healing After Infidelity

We believe healing is a joint venture! It's not an individual route for each partner to "do their own work". We also believe that genuine forgiveness and trust need to be earned rather than given. That is why our program is offered to both partners together. 

a Comprehensive program with full support

We created the perfect combination to support couples through their healing process from crisis to recovery. We combine personal one-on-one coaching sessions with an online course and weekly email access to our experts. 95%+ of our clients complete the program due to its effective structure and our guidance.

An effective program with a High (90%+) success rate

We survey our clients towards the end of the program. Our couples get over 90% success rate with the program. All of our surveyed clients say they would recommend the program to other couples in the aftermath of infidelity. 

Research-based roadmap and implementation tools 

We follow the 3-Phase healing from infidelity roadmap and teach the Gottman Institute tools as part of the roadmap. Our program is informed by the work and research done in the field of affair recovery and couples therapy.

We don't take on every couple for this program

We carefully screen our couples to make sure they are the best fit to get the most out of our program. We offer the program to about 75% of the couples that do the consultation with us. We look for commitment, genuine remorse, and readiness to make changes before we even make you an offer. 

continuity for couples who finished the program and want more

Although the program is carefully structured to give couples everything they need to heal, we understand some want continued support. Therefore, we offer an option to continue with more coaching sessions from our experts after the program.

What sets us apart


shannon & rob

"Five kids and 32 years later your program has given us a life line.

Five kids and 32 years later your program has given us a life line to have a relationship we always wanted but didn’t think was possible... I can assure you 100% without your course we would be divorced and repeating this pattern with someone else."
I can’t thank you enough!"

be hopeful!

Shasha & James

"Without your program I don't think we would have been able get through this.

It helped us to see that we both needed to be on the journey to forgiveness, and that it wasn't just up to me (Sasha) to forgive and move on. As soon as James realized his role in my healing, we made the first step and continued with the rest to full recovery."

Jamie & jason

"Idit made us feel very safe, comfortable and attended to every step of the way.

The support and sessions from her throughout the program truly was the reason we can say we are almost fully healed from the aftermath of the affair. We have created a stronger bond than we ever thought possible and are excited looking forward into this new chapter in our marriage."

more testimonials

“This program is fantastic!

- Amy & Ryan

Prior to starting this program, the infidelity experienced was pretty shocking and there was definitely the feeling of the floor caving in below our relationship. From recognizing that we needed to work through some things, we knew we needed help but didn’t know where to go. Fortunately we were able to come across Idit through an online search and looked into her IOTS program. From the very first consult call, she helped create a sense of optimism that we both felt, that enabled us to move forward and have the belief we can work through this. The program modules and lessons not only helped us tackle the infidelity, but shine light on areas of our relationship that needed to be reborn/rebuilt, and really allowed us to chart a new path forward. We can quite honestly say that without this program, I don’t know if we would have been able to make it over the immediate days after the infidelity, but now have a foundation that we believe will set us up for our lifetime together!

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best  decision you can make.”

- melissa

You're stronger than you think you are. But like many others, you need help to take the next step to heal, forgive, and trust. You just want someone to tell you what works.

We worked with hundreds of couples throughout the years and learned what works in what order. Of course, it's not a simple do this do that. It's a robust formula that can adapt to different situations. From dealing with full-blown affairs, repeated infidelity, emotional affairs, online porn, to any other betrayal you can think of. If it happened to you, we know how to help you save your relationship and make it work!

you're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Idit Sharoni.
Your Infidelity Recovery Expert.

I'm a Florida based Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) specializing in helping committed couples heal and recover from an affair. I built a team of experts and together we help our clients rebuild their relationships after infidelity. 

about idit

I'm A Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist who believes that investing in the health of your relationship is ultimately nurturing your wellbeing. I feel honored and excited to guide our couples in their healing process. Their journeys inside our roadmap to healing after infidelity are meaningful and successful. 

about Yael

i can help because i have the expertise

Ten years ago, we were doing what I call "venting sessions".

Those therapy sessions where you complain, your partner complains, then time runs out. As a result, you come out worse than you came in.

Very quickly, I realized that to be helpful to couples in the aftermath of infidelity, we need to give them a roadmap to healing.
I also realized that the LAST THING I want to do is work on the marriage before tending to the infidelity. So, I created the perfect affair recovery program.

We know how to help you!

This affair recovery program is the only one of its kind because...

it combines a proven roadmap with expert coaching

We know the aftermath of infidelity crisis and what it does to your relationship and mental health. We are familiar with the post-trauma effects, the sleepless nights, the intrusive thoughts. We notice the sense of loss of coherence, loss of trust, loss of access to your partner's inner world. And we are aware that finding the right kind of help is not easy. 

That is why we created our affair recovery program as a roadmap. It provides clear steps that have worked for hundreds of couples like you. And our experts (all licensed therapists specialized in affair recovery) take you by the hand and coach you through every step of the way.

we support you throughout and the Affair Recovery program stays yours to keep

Couples in the aftermath of infidelity need support. Even the most amazing books/podcasts/videos out there cannot fully support and offer a tailored healing plan. We understood that and made sure to build the most amazing support into our program. 

You will be supported throughout the program's 8 weeks. It will include expert coaching sessions, an online course, implementation tools, and weekly Q&A features. After 8 weeks you still have lifetime access to all the materials in the online course. So, you can go back re-learn and continue to enhance your relationship with our excellent tools

progress at your own pace

implementation tools through every step

coaching calls and weekly Q&A support

Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything to help you recover after infidelity.

This affair recovery program can only take you so far. But applying what you will learn is the only way to move the needle. Forgiveness is not a condition to the healing. It is a journey both partners go on and it may well be the destination.

Healing your relationship and life.

Rebuilding and earning the lost trust.

Communicating safely to allow vulnerability and understanding. 

Reconnecting with your spouse to heal emotional wounds, handle conflict, and regain access to his/her inner psychological world.

Creating and sustaining processes for restarting and maintaining a healthy relationship. 

Feeling more balanced, happy, and in alignment with how you want your relationship to be.

If you want this to be the day that you *finally* commit to:

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All of our surveyed clients say they'd recommend this program!

Our couples take a program evaluation at the end of the process. We learned that over 90% feel the program is highly effective and helped them heal. All (100%!) of our clients would recommend this program to other couples in the aftermath of infidelity. This is BIG!

cliets recommend us


This      for you if:







It's probably        for you if...


You feel it's only up to the hurt partner to forgive and move on

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO take responsibility for the infidelity


You don't need an expert

YOU'RE not looking for coaching 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between this program and couples therapy?

This program is created by a couples therapist, so it has many components of the therapy room, but it is far more structured and specific. Many couples therapists are quick to work on the marriage before tending to the infidelity. This program is centered around affair recovery and is built as a roadmap to healing in 3 main phases that have shown to be highly effective. See the program breakdown for more information. 

What are the success rates? Are couples getting to their goals?

We measure success through a subjective program evaluation at the end of the process. We estimate that most of our couples either reach or close to reaching their goals. These might include healing, rebuilding trust, and reconnecting. It is our pride and honor to help couples recovering from infidelity throughout each process. We also offer continuing coaching programs to interested couples. To read client testimonials, please click here

Is this program covered by my insurance?

This program is most likely not going to be covered by your insurance. We are not paneled with any insurance company. So, please take into consideration the program is privately paid. Our goal is to offer the highest level of care free of diagnoses, labeling, and third-party control. As a result, we chose to offer this as a private-pay coaching program although all our experts are licensed therapists. 

What's the programs' price?

Our pricing is between 2K-15K depending on the level of support we provide. During our consultation we determine the right tier of service for your specific situation and need. 


roadmap lessons/modules


Number of coaching calls


program weeks and # of Q&A's


our clients who used this program

but first

We need to make sure this is the BEST fit for your specific need.
Let's schedule an in-depth 45-minute consultation and go from there.
Sounds like a plan?

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Disclaimer: This program is educational only and is not a substitute for marriage and family therapy, psychotherapy and/or medication under the care of a licensed therapist, psychiatrist or doctor. The Program is not meant to treat, diagnose, or prescribe. For any medical and psychological condition, physical symptoms or disorders, always consult with a qualified physician, psychotherapist or appropriate health care professional. Online and telephone interactions provided in this educational program may not be appropriate if you experience a crisis, have any suicidal thoughts or ideas, or experience any other harmful or life‐threatening situation, and in such instances you should seek professional services elsewhere, such as (but not limited to) contacting law enforcement or a crisis hotline, calling 911, or going to a hospital emergency room.